About Us?

Innova Fruits SAS is a company focused on the agribusiness sector. We maximize all aspects of fruits and vegetables through different processing methods, providing the consumer with intelligent nutrition.

We help and strengthen the agricultural sector as we take advantage of all the surplus fruits and vegetables and seek to reduce the waste of food on farms that do not reach the big distribution centers.


Freeze Drying Line

Our freeze-drying process combines the best food processing standards to preserve and conserve the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of food.

HTD Line

With HTD (hydro thermodynamic) technology, we take advantage of all the physical properties of fluids through centrifugation, homogenization, pasteurization and ultra-pasteurization.

Avocado Oil Line

With more than 20 years of the hand of leading technology in the production and extraction of avocado oil at an industrial level, we help to improve the reduction of avocado waste from local farms through the purchase and processing of fruits that do not reach the large distribution centers.

Spray Dry Line

Our powdered fruits (Pulverized) are natural, although (but they also can be added) preservatives or additives can also be added if the client requires it. The spray drying allows us to obtain fine and homogeneous powder, without altering the organoleptic characteristics of color, smell and taste.

Fresh Fruit Line

Quality fruit directly from Colombian farmers. We produce and export Hass Avocado, Paris Mushroom, Tahiti Lemon, Valencian Orange, Yam variety Hawthorn and Diamond.

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